Music Thing Modular Turing Machine Expander – PULSES Mk i Kit

We no longer? stock the mki kit!

You can buy the Mkii kit here

OR buy the Mki Panel and PCB very cheaply here



This kit includes everything you need to build a fully functioning Pulses Mk i expansion module apart from the tools and solder. Comes with 4hp Aluminium Eurorack panel.

There are two different options, both modules do exactly the same thing. Only ONE pulses module of either type can be attached to a single Turing Machine.

Thonk build documentation is here –

Music Thing Modular documentation is here –

This module is compatible with all versions of the Turing Machine. With the older Mki Turing Machine the Backpack module is also required.

Additional information

Weight 0.0579 kg
HP Size

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