Reverse Landfill – Monotropa (7-band) – Panel & PCB Set

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Seven Band Feedback EQ Distortion

Note: this is  panel/pcb set only – for full kit go HERE

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“Simple bassdrum patch (Barton analog kick) with the Monotropa distortion.
Sequenced by the Shakmat Knights Gallop. (Video shows 4-band version)”

The Monotropa is a 7 band feedback EQ distortion module which can be used as a sound destructor, VCO, effect and feedback machine. This module is designed to make sounds bigger, adding saturation with resonant qualities and it will completely destroy your beats and percussion!

With no input the Monotropa will act as a VCO with weird waveform shapes. This is achieved through self resonation with 7 EQ ‘peaks’ that create the waveshape. The frequency range goes from sub audio to ultrasonic. Add CV to the input to increase complexity. It won’t track 1v/oct but is can be a nice addition to your sound. Drones with grit!

Monotropa will act as an even more complex distortion with another module fed into the ext input and output (like a send and return setup). If the other module has CV control, the Monotropa will effectively have control as well, as the external path is inserted into the feedback loop. In this way, you can tune the feedback pitch with a sequencer or have it act as a sort of side-chain function when you use a reverb or delay module. You can also send the out into an FM input of a VCO, and then the output back into the ext input and make even more weird noise, blips and chaotic sounds!

Monotropa – Build Guide | BOM  | Schematic


  • 7 band EQ
  • Feedback amount control
  • 2 inputs
  • 2 outputs
  • send & return in the feedback path
  • Width: 14HP


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