Rakit GO! – USB C Eurorack Power Supply

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Not a DIY Kit – Fully Assembled Eurorack USB Power Supply!


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The Rakit GO! is a USB Eurorack power supply designed for portable modular systems. Now you’ll be able to take your Eurorack everywhere! The GO! has a slew of protection features built in, protecting both the module itself and supply/powerbank as well as greatly reducing the chance of damage to modules through user error. The power supply has a robust and reversible USB C connector for the best possible USB connection. Rakit GO! has been engineered from the ground up, making full use of 5V powerbanks/supplies that are widely available on the market. At only 2HP wide and 27mm deep, it’s ready to fit in any case.

We have taken the guesswork out of getting a good USB C cable, one is provided!

To start using your GO! power supply you will need a passive bus board and your choice of 5V powerbank or USB AC adapter. The passive ‘Sticky’ bus board (available to add above) is a perfect option for your typical lunchbox setup and as the name implies.. its sticky!

Protection Features

Supply/Powerbank protection – reverse voltage, overcurrent (fast eFuse)

GO! Input protection – reverse voltage, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent (fast eFuse)

Module protection – all rails current limited and overvoltage protected

+12V & -12V LEDs indicate bus health (very dim below +-11.75V)

What’s included?

  • GO! Module
  • 18W High Quality USB C Cable
  • 16 way ribbon cable
  • 2 x M3 Screws
  • Manual


  • 2hp wide x 27mm deep

Max Current Ratings:

  • +12V @ 500mA
  • -12V @ 300mA
  • +5V dependant on overall system current use (5V can optionally be disconnected via a rear jumper)

These ratings are achievable with a 5V/2.4A supply/powerbank.

Powerbank recommendation & run-time

Rakit have been using Anker powerbanks extensively throughout testing. In particular, the Anker Powercore 20100 works with GO! flawlessly and retails at around £40. This bank has been tested with a small rig for over 8 hours. At full load a 20000mAh powerbank should last around 5 hours (given a powerbank efficiency of 90%).

How many HP will it power?

We think between 48hp and 84hp is a reasonable target, but it’s possible to get more (or less) modules depending on how power hungry they are. Some of the most recent mutable instruments modules, for example, are very power friendly (50mA for a 12hp plaits)

Additional information

HP Size

Add: Rakit Sticky - Passive Eurorack Busboard

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