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We are now selling full kits of these great Rebel Technology modules – Stoicheia, Logoi, Klasmata and Phoreo.

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Rebel Technology create innovative products built to exacting standards. Their synthesis and effects modules are open source, open hardware; designed in London, UK.

This suite of three complimentary modules is comprised of Stoicheia, Logoi and Klasmata. The panels are labelled with the ancient Greek names ΣτοιχεῖαΛόγοι and Κλάσματα.

These modules are all concerned with producing rhythmic & CV controlled pulses and trigger patterns from your master clock.

Stoicheia is a dual Euclidean Sequencer. It algorithmically generates rhythmic sequences from an input trigger signal.

Logoi is a voltage controlled clock divider, counter, and delay. It subdivides and adds time, creating organic, evolving signatures. Λόγοι brings movement and life to the trigger signal, from a subtle swing to bizarrely complex and intricate rhythms.

Klasmata is a single channel, voltage controlled version of Στοιχεῖα. It offers a range of 1-32 steps, opening up more possibilities for complex patterns. With voltage controlled sequence length and fills, Κλάσματα can transpose, shift and modulate rhythmic patterns at up to audio speeds.

Included in the Kits

  • All parts required to build and mount a fully working module.
    • All electronic components
    • All Pots, Jacks & knobs
    • Power cable, M3 rack screws
    • Pre-programmed Firmware Chip

Stoicheia Demo 03 from Tim Cowie on Vimeo.

All build documentation is provided here –

Please note these kits require a +5v power supply on the busboard, if your system doesn’t have +5v you can resolve this by purchasing a Mutable Instruments Volts adaptor.

Note that these kits don’t provide exhaustive part by part documentation as with some Thonk kits but they do provide a detailed BOM, high resolution build photos and an excellent part placement diagram so they are fine for anyone who has built one or two kits previously. Click here to read more.

Operation Manuals and more info on using these modules is provided here on the Rebel Technology site:

Stoicheia – User manual

Logoi – User manual

Klasmata – User manual



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