Rebel Technology – Klasmata – Panel / PCB Set & Chip

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Voltage Controlled Euclidean Sequencer

This a black panel with PCB & firmware chip only. For full kit go HERE

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Κλάσματα / Klasmata is a single channel, voltage controlled Euclidean sequencer. It offers a range of 1-32 steps, opening up more possibilities for complex patterns. With voltage controlled sequence length and fills, Κλάσματα can transpose, shift and modulate rhythmic patterns at up to audio speeds.

Κλάσματα / Klasmata is voltage controlled version of Στοιχεῖα / Stochia. Just like Στοιχεῖα / Stochia there is a normal and a toggling operating mode. The three-way switch is also used to stop and reset the sequence. The voltage controlled parameters have individual level settings. The controls are otherwise identical to Στοιχεῖα / Stochia.

This set includes a Eurorack Frontpanel, PCB and Programmed Firmware Chip.

Klasmata – Build Document | BOM



  • Height: 3U / 128.50mm
  • Width: 8HP / 40.30mm
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Weight: 110g


  • 16-pin Doepfer/Eurorack
  • Requires +5v
  • PTC fuse and diode protected
  • +12v: < 15mA
  • -12v: < 10mA
  • +5v: < 25mA


  • Outputs: < 1.1k
  • Inputs: > 100k

Voltage Range

  • Output low: 0v
  • Output high: 5.1v

Open Hardware

Κλάσματα is Open Source and Open Hardware, published under the Gnu GPL.

All source code is publicly available on github.

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