Reverse Landfill – Creepcluster – Full DIY Kit

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Desktop drone synth specialising in deep and low bass drones

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The Creepcluster is a desktop drone synth that makes deep and low bass drones with phasing movements – this compact unit can make a wall of howling sounds!! This is a Full DIY kit which contains the panels, PCB and all components required to build the device.

Creepcluster features two Triangle wave oscillators with pitch control which are then routed through an analog switch that’s clocked at variable audio rates by a Square wave oscillator. This causes interesting wave shape alterations and phasing effects as the oscillators interact with each other.
There is also an onboard Lowpass filter which can be used to make nice sweeps! The image on front & back panel is based on a drawing by Reverse Landfill (made in 2020). white print on matte black.

Note: powering up (and down) takes a few minutes, because the large value capacitors have to fill up.

Creepcluster – Build Document | Parts List


  • 2x Triangle wave Oscillators with pitch control
  • 1x Squarewave Oscillator with rate control & switchable frequency range
  • 1x Lowpass filter with Cutoff control
  • On-off switch with indicator LED
  • 3.5mm Stereo Jack output
  • 9v DC adapter power connection, option for 9v battery


  • Size: 100x80x20mm (100x80x40mm with knob height included)
  • Power adapter: 9v, 200mA, Negative Center BOSS style, 2,1mm barrel

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