Reverse Landfill – SNOW – Panel & PCB Set

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Analog video noise source

Note: This is a Panel & PCB set only – for full kit go here

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SNOW is a 2 channel analog video (transistor based) noise source, with some nice additions such as offset and volume controls, highpass filtered outputs and a comparator (with switchable noise channel).
This module is able to create very interesting chaotic textures from star fields to blizzards!


  • 2 x noise channels with Offset and Volume pots
  • 1 x comparator (selectable noise channel) with Bias pot
  • 2 x offset noise outputs
  • 2 x filtered outputs
  • 1 x comparator output

Snow – Build Documentation & BOM

This module is designed to work in a LZX video modular enviroment. You need a basic video setup (Sync generator + RGB Encoder) to use this module.

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