Random Source Haible TAU Phaser – Panel + PCB Set

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Officially licensed Haible Tau  in Eurorack!

Note: This is not a full kit

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A10K Pot x 1 – optional

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B10K Pot x 1 – optional

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B100K Pot × 3 – optional

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A1M Pot x 1 – optional

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Jürgen Haible’s legendary redesign of the Tau “The Pipe” Phaser has now (and for the first time ever) been adapted to Eurorack format. This is a hybrid version – partially SMT (with all SMT parts already professionally reflow-soldered in), partially through-hole.

The R*S version includes some additions and modifications compared to the original Haible board:

  • Matched transistor arrays for the filters already installed (SMT).
  • State of the art capacitors (C0G/NPO) for the filters already installed (SMT).
  • LM3046 and 2 Burr-Brown op-amps already installed.
  • Extended CV control: -1V/Oct and an attenuverting CV input added.
  • No wiring needed

Random*Source has acquired Jürgen Haible’s legacy and is the only authorized source of Haible designs.


Jürgen’s original Tau Pipe flanger page

  • Front panel 18 hp, 2mm aluminum, made in Germany
  • main pcb (hybrid – only SMT parts installed)
  • panel pcb (includes SMT-parts) – no wiring

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