RYO Penta Sequencer Panel/PCB

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Penta PCB Set

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Penta 4hp Eurorack Panel – optional

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B100K - Song Huei TALL Trimmer Potentiometer × 5 – optional

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Thonkiconn 3.5mm Audio Jacks with Hex Nut × 3 – optional

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The RYO Penta is a compact 4hp sequencer for eurorack that’s easy to build and low cost, without compromising on our usual quality standards such as buffered output, schmitt triggers on inputs and reverse polarity protection.

It is great for simpler sequencer tasks such as basslines and arpeggios, transposing sequences, gates for envelopes/slews/drums, filter cutoff or anything where a repeating stepped modulation is wanted for adding movement to the sounds you’re making.

Sending a clock to the CLK input will progress the sequence, the Penta has 5 minishaft potentiometers for adjusting each of the 5 steps voltages, ranging from 0 to +5V. A pattern length switch is available for selecting 3, 4 or 5 steps pattern length, this can of course also be set by using an external gate or trig into the RST (Reset) input.

We’ve also added a bonus for the more seasoned builders in the form of +5V GATE output solder pads for each of the sequencers 5 steps, as well as an input pad for HOLD which will lock the sequence to the active step as long as a gate is present. Info on how to perform a homebrew expansion can be found on the last page in the assembly manual.

Download assembly manual here. (2.1MB)

Download schematics here.

Basic specifications

Width: 4hp

Depth with power cable attached: 39 mm.

Power: +6 mA / -1 mA


Additional information

HP Size

Penta PCB Set

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Penta 4hp Eurorack Panel

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HP Size

B100K - Song Huei TALL Trimmer Potentiometer

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Thonkiconn 3.5mm Audio Jacks with Hex Nut

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