RYO VC Sequencer + TrigXpander PCB/ Panel

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Compact 8-step sequential voltage and trigger source.

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These are the PCB and Eurorack panels only, for the complete kits go here

A compact 8-step sequential voltage source in 10hp, with optional 4hp trigger output expander. It works great as a classic 8 step sequencer, but also has a CV addressed mode for more experimental & stochastic results. A further expander to be released later in the year will allow two modules to be chained as a single 16 step sequencer.

RYO kits are extremely user friendly with detailed build manuals and individually bagged and labelled components.

  • Classic forward/backward operation using a clock
  • Pattern based sequencing  using control voltage levels scaled to each step of the sequencer, this allows the CV waveform you feed it with to determine the running pattern. e.g. a ramp to make it go forward, saw to go backward, triangle for pendulum, S&H’d noise for random etc.
  • You could also use another sequencer’s pattern to control the pattern of the VC Sequencer, the possibilities for exploration are many.
  • All low latency CMOS and Opamp circuitry. No software, firmware, PIC chips, ATMEGAs, micro processors etc.
  • Works up to audio rates. The VC Sequencer therefore functions as a 3 bit hands on waveshaper.

COMING SOON – Expanders to allow chaining of 2 VC Sequencers for 16 step operation and unlimited extra parallel channels of CV or gate/trig.

Seq Width: 10hp

TrigXpander Width: 4hp

Depth with power cable attached: Less than 45 mm for both modules.

Power: +22 mA / -11 mA

Sequencer Power: +12mA / -0mA

TrigXpander Power: +12mA / -0mA

 Build Manual

For support – Build thread on Muffwiggler forum


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