Eurorack SERGE Sequencer 8 XL (SEQ8XL) Full DIY Kit

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Officially licensed Serge Sequencer 8 XL in Eurorack

Full DIY Kit with Random Source build documentation.

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SERGE MODULAR FOR EURORACK – Under licence from Serge Tcherepnin

“Serge Modular” is an analogue modular synthesizer system developed by French composer and electronic designer Serge Tcherepnin in the 1970s at The California Institute of the Arts. Serge’s vision to create a “people’s synthesizers” led to a unique modular music system with an iconic design.

In collaboration with and under licence from Serge Tcherepnin, Random*Source offers a range of Serge modules, combining the original Serge circuits with the advantages of today’s technology. The modules on this page are in Eurorack (3U) format.


The SEQ 8 XL is a modern incarnation of Serge’s analog sequencer / programmer. The sequencer features 8 stages with 2 rows of CV outputs – A and B. There is also an A – B (A minus B) output which outputs the difference between A and B (-5 to 5V range). The ALL GATE output goes high when any button is pressed (or a stage is selected by a pulse input) and allows the use of the SEQ8 as a simple mini-keyboard. There are also individual gate outputs for each step. The length of sequences can be set via the pushbuttons while a sequence is running. The sequencer features RESET, UP/DOWN and HOLD inputs, there is also a manual switch to start / stop the sequencer. PULSE STAGE SELECT inputs allow selecting specific stages. The SEQ8XL covers a wide range of uses from sequencing / storing presets (“programming”) to wavetable-like sounds when clocked at audio rate.

Compared to previous versions of the Serge Sequencer, the R*S version features:

  • Improved speed / accuracy – clean stepped waveform output up to clock frequencies of 10kHz and above.
  • ALL GATE output allows the Sequencer’s pushbuttons to be used as a mini keyboard.

ALL SMD COMPONENTS ALREADY SOLDERED IN – Straightforward build of through-hole parts only

Build Document:

Some details of the Random*Source SEQ8XL module:

  • Originally designed in cooperation with Serge
  • Multilayer PCB with all SMT parts soldered in
  • Eurorack (3U) format, 42 HP
  • skiff-friendly: < 25mm deep
  • power: ~ 45mA @ +12V / 35mA @ -12V

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