Music Thing Modular Simple EQ – Panel / PCB Set

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Great for learning SMD/Surface mount soldering. Build a super skiff friendly and great sounding EQ module.

We have produced a new revision of this MTM board which includes a few through hole parts such as the electro caps to make this an easy way into surface mount soldering. It’s really not a hard kit if you’ve done a handful of through hole soldering projects previously.

We’ve produced a full and in-depth build doc for complete SMD beginners too.

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SKU: Bundle_MTM_Simple_EQ_PanelPCB Categories: , , , , , , , Brand: HP Size: 4 HP


Simple EQ –  Learn SMD soldering by building two channels of the kind of tone controls you’d find on an old hifi. No voltage control, but just enough range to push sounds into distortion. Works well in a feedback loop.

Size: 4hp

Power draw: 15ma on +12v, 15ma on -12v

SMD soldering is not recommended for complete beginners! Make sure your soldering iron has a good fine tip before attempting this build. A flux pen is also recommended.

Build docs, BOM etc –

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Aluminium Frontpanel, Black Aluminium Frontpanel

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