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Multiband Saturator

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Trident is the result of a long and in-depth research by skull & circuits, with the goal of creating the perfect Eurorack distortion/saturation module. The fruits of this became Trident – a multi-band saturation/distortion circuit, especially designed for Eurorack. This model offers a novel soft clipping circuit for each of its 3 bands with drive and attenuation for each band. Send and returns after the band splitter allow for extra creative patching. With possible uses including

  • Distortion: That’s what it’s build for and it can do it.
  • EQ: By adjusting levels you have yourself a crude but useful EQ. Easy to tone down the subs a bit of bring out the highs. It’s not the surgical kind, it acts more like a shelve eq, since, well, it actually is, but those things are useful to have around.
  • Exciter: Slightly driving the high-end only gives very much the same result as an exciter would. Because that’s what an exciter kinda does (more or less).
  • Saturator: A surprisingly gentle to not so gentle saturation can be achieved, very tape like. much saturation, much wow. No flutter though, but mucho grunge.
  • Distortion^3: It could be used as 3 individual one band distortions.. just in case you are part of the Industrial Noise scene and do need 3.
  • Signal splitter: Using the sends you can split out the signal in its frequency bands. It’s fun to use some effects on some bands and leave other unaltered. Can be handy to combine with an FX module.
  • Signal combiner: using the returns it can be a mixer, if you want. I mean, sometimes you just need to combine some signals together and just don’t have a spare mixer.
  • Waveshaper: Originally the design stems from a wave shaper and it still can do that job just as well. 3 times. Put in a tri wave, get a sine or a square and anything in between.
  • Bass/sub enhancer. By slightly driving the bass frequencies only, you can get it much more focussed and punching through the mix by slightly saturating them.

Trident – iBOM build assistant


  • Width: 16HP
  • Depth: 22mm
  • Current draw +12V: 24mA
  • Current draw -12V: 28mA

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