Snazzy FX – Dual Multiplier – Full DIY Kit

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Dual Wideband Multiplier for Ring Modulation style madness!

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The Snazzy FX Dual Multiplier comes equipped with two four-quadrant multipliers. All inputs are DC-coupled with dedicated attenuators to allow for independent level adjustments.

A four quadrant multiplier is similar to the classic ring modulator. Use it to create sideband rich spectral soundscapes, create pitched noise, use it with DC for tremolo effects, or use it with integrators and summers to pull off analog computer patches. Really, this module rewards those who enjoy experimentation!

Unique to the Dual Multiplier is the normalisation of the top XY section straight into the lower AB section when the lower inputs are unused.

Build Document – Assembly Guide
User Manual – Dual Multiplier Manual


• Two wideband multipliers
• DC coupled inputs
• Attenuators on each input (very useful for DC signals)
• Use as 2 x 4 quadrant VCAs
• Top multiplier normals into the bottom multiplier for easy creation of varied timbres
• High bandwidth allows for harmonically interesting soundscapes
• Pull off analog computing patches
• Width: 8HP
• Power: 13MA

Starting points

• Plugging audio sources into the inputs (two sine or triangle waves)
• For spectral fun, try putting multiple Dronebank inputs into the top section
• Pitched noise – plug a VCO into one input and white noise into the other. As you increase pitch, the noise will change too. (Also works with chaotic noise)
• Use for analog computing patches anywhere you see multiplier symbols!
• Use as two four quadrant VCAs (just put your envelope into one input)
• Use to create spectral shifts in vocal samples by multiplying the sample with a modulated LFO
• Check out the Snazzy FX videos for more ideas

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