Snazzy FX – Kitty Eyes – Full DIY Kit

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Compact chaos oscillator

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The Snazzy FX Kitty Eyes is a compact chaos oscillator, which can be used  both as a sound generator and a modulation source. Its X and Y outputs emit CV signals of different phase and characteristics – ideal raw material for experimental drum and effect sounds or wild parameter modulations. Here’s a quick look at the functional range of Kitty Eyes:

Speed potentiometer: Controls the frequency of the chaos oscillator. – Sort of a coarse tune parameter that goes down to the LFO range.

X and Y outputs: These connectors emit two audio respectively CV signals. They differ in phase and characteristics. The outputs therefore vary in tonality or shape of the modulation waveforms.

CV input: The control voltage connector can be fed with a multitude of signals. Triggers are usable to align Kitty Eyes to a rhythm, for example. Signals from an external VCO transform the module into an unstable sync oscillator. LFO waves and noise can also be used profitably.

CV potentiometer: This control element serves as an attenuator for the control voltage input. If no cable is plugged into the connector, the knob is normalized to a fixed voltage. It can then be used as a fine tune control.

Trig output: This connector outputs chaotic trigger sequences. They can be used as control signals or audio material.

Thrsh: Controls the threshold value and thus the probability with which trigger signals are generated.

Build Document – Assembly Guide
User Manual – Kitty Eyes Manual


• Two chaotic outputs with different characteristics
• Trigger output
• Threshold control for setting chaotic trigger density
• CV attenuator for CV input
• Speed control for setting the coarse pitch set of the chaotic system
• Bi-color LED to indicate the state of the chaotic oscillator
• Width: 6HP
• Current Draw: 10mA

Usage Ideas

• Works great as a modulation source for any module requiring 2 CV inputs (i.e. the Snazzy FX Ardcore)
• Use it with a VCA to create unique percussion sounds
• Chaotic triggers add an organic element to sequences or to drum patterns
• Works well for modulating VCOs and filters
• Works well as a unique “noise” source
• Feed audio signals into the CV input for interesting effects
• Use the chaotic trigger output as a strange audio out
• CV input resets the chaotic oscillator when fed with a trigger, sawtooths and pulses – can be used to disturb the chaos
• Perfect for experimenting

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