Sonic Potions ‘Descent’ Dual Decay Panel/PCB Set

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Dual Independent VC Decay Envelopes

A Panel/PCB set for customers who are confident in sourcing all parts themselves. PCB set includes 2 x rocker switches

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The Sonic Potions Descent is an analogue dual envelope generator. It provides 2 independent voltage controlled decay EGs. The envelopes can be switched between triggered or gated (sustain) mode. The first trigger input is normalised to the second one and each channel provides an LED to visualise the envelope signal. The shape of the envelope can be adjusted between linear and exponential with a trimmer on the back of the PCB. Decay times are adjustable between a few ms up to several seconds.

This is an option to buy the Panel/PCB + 2 x rocker switches, support is not provided to help you source the other parts, read the documentation first before deciding if this project is for you.

Build Documentation – BOMAssembly Guide | Schematic


  • Current draw: +12V 70mA | -12V 30mA
  • Width: 6HP
  • Depth: 40mm
  • CV input voltage: +/-5V
  • CV output voltage: 0-8V

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