Sourcery Studios – PROTO – Prototyping PCB

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A prototyping board for modular synths

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The Sourcery Studios Proto is a prototyping PCB board designed to speed up building circuits which use thru-hole ICs but also for general prototyping.

One of the tedious bits of any prototyping board experience is connecting all the voltage and ground connections. This PCB has a bus down the middle with solder pads to connect that row of pins to one of the three buses. This is a quick way to connect power to all ICs, but also for connecting ground and power to any pins on ICs and other components anywhere on the board. On either side of the middle bus there are two regions of 3 solder pads that can easily be soldered together to the adjacent 6 padded region if more pads are needed at a junction.

It might take some getting used to, but once you start using it you don’t want to go back… The central bus is such a timesaver when it comes to routing voltage and ground.

The PROTO has 550 Through-hole solder pads in total, divided on 33 rows, with 16 through-hole pads on each row.

Version 0.6 adds the option of 5V from the euro power and a connection matrix so you can choose which power line to use to which central bus. This is not mandatory to use and you can still use dupont cables to attach power to the central bus if you desire. Also a breakout row of holes has also been added to the eurorack power section if caps and resistors are wanted before connecting to the central bus.

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