Steady State Fate – Quantum Rainbow 2 – Full DIY Kit

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Analog Noise and Random source DIY kit with a BLACK panel.

This is a really easy project for DIY newcomers, all the SMD components come pre-soldered. You are only required to solder the jacks and power header. 

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The Quantum Rainbow is an analog noise and random source with seven different flavours of noise output. This new version of the Quantum Rainbow features a smaller 4hp width and two new noise outputs. All the original colors: White, Pink, Red, Blue and Purple are available plus the new GREY noise and QUANTA outputs.

The Grey noise spectrum exhibits a notch type frequency response in order to bring up the amplitude of bass and hi end frequencies. Grey noise sounds like a flat amplitude across the spectrum due to the logarithmic fashion in which we hear volume and frequency changes.

Quanta is a granular noise made up of equal amplitude fast triggers (quantum). Together, these random triggers (quanta) create the granular textural noise. The density of this output is adjustable via a trim pot on the back of the module.

Special attention was paid when voicing the seven colours of noise in order to provide the most pleasing and accurate coloured noise pallet – that only a true analog noise source can deliver!


  • Width: 4 HP
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Current Draw: 23 mA +12V, 23 mA -12V

All SMD components have been assembled on the PCB. You are only required to solder the jacks and power header. 


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