SSSR Labs ‘Kotelnikov’ VCO – DIY Minimal Kit


Note: This is a partial kit, for the complete kit go here

Morphing Wavetable VCO from Russia – featuring 80 selectable waveforms!

Includes latest V1.1 Firmware Chip

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This DIY Minimal Kit contains the following parts only:

  • Kotelnikov PCB Set
  • Kotelnikov 14HP Eurorack Aluminium Front Panel
  • Pre-Programmed ATMEGA Chip feat. latest V1.1 Firmare
  • КР590КН5, AD7545 & REF5050 Chips
  • 4 x 0.1% 100k resistors

Full Kits can be found here

The Kotelnikov is a voltage controlled digital wavetable oscillator module with morphing features and built-in transient generator. This oscillator can generate a wide range of sounds with diverse spectral content and combine them in various proportions. Kotelnikov can also be used as a complete voice module as it features shaped timbres, an envelope generator and amplitude modulation. New to Firmware V1.1 is an Audio Bootloader utility – update the module’s waveforms using a simple utility application for Mac OS X and Windows.

Featuring 80 waveforms organised in 4 banks:
1. DRUID: Collection of Electric Druid VCDO wavetables (used with permission)
2. ATTACK: Interleaved dark/bright wavetables pairs
3. HARMONIC: Frequency-relative sinewaves
4. HD: Selected 12-bit wavetables

The Transient Generator has 3 modes: AD/AR envelope generator or resettable LFO. Total time range of 0.4µs–10s is divided into 3 subranges. This generator is internally connected with FM and WM inputs, which helps you to easily achieve fluent sounds with no wires at all.

Build Document – SSSR Kotelnikov Assembly Guide
Kotelnikov BOM – Bill Of Materials

Technical highlights:
• The sound engine sampling rate is locked to pitch and varies from 4.2 to 133 kHz, which gives very clear highs and uniform spectral content over the full range.
• The Pitch resolution is 6 cents and CV input sampling rate is 6 kHz, which gives a smooth FM-ready CV response.
• Analogue Amplitude Modulation input is bipolar, linear, rail-to-rail.


Pitch: 7 octaves range (C0-C7), 6 cents resolution
DAC: 12-bit, variable sampling rate: 4.2–133kHz
Wavetables: 3×16 8-bit tables, 32 12-bit tables. 256 samples each.
Control ADC: 10-bit, 6kHz
Power Consumption: 80 mA +12V, 50 mA -12V
Width: 14HP
Depth: 40mm

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