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The SM800 Wobla is a 3HP single slider controller with built in voltage source. The module outputs control voltage proportional to the position of the slider and is perfectly suited to controlling wave shapers, VCAs, VCFs and other modules affecting the sound articulation. The Wobla has three different ranges of operation:

  1. Linear: 0 to 5 Volts
  2. Linear: 0 to 10 Volts
  3. A special bell-shaped mode giving the maximum output voltage (≈5.7V) at the center position of the slider

This third mode allows you to perform so called ‘wobbles’ in a very fast and repeatable manner. Wobla is available with two types of front panel. The first type (A, desktop) has the output jack and mode switch above (or behind) the slider, which becomes handy when controlling any modules located above the Wobla, or when horizontally oriented desktop case is used. The second type (B, upright) has the output jack and the mode switch below the slider, which is pretty useful when target modules are in the same row with Wobla. The module also has jumpers allowing you to change the direction of the slider any time.

Despite the name, Wobla’s design is highly steady. All of the controls, including sliding potentiometer are hard-mounted to the panel, ensuring that its controls will not break from intense use or accidental hits! Modern multifunctional eurorack modules give practically infinite abilities for morphing and tweaking sound parameters in real time – but simultaneous control of multiple rotating knobs or tiny-sized sliders located in different places can be annoying and sometimes impossible. The situation changes when you play with full-sized sliders and other kinds of controllers grouped at one place. A trained musician can predictably control several individual parameters with each finger and here is where live performance slider controller becomes very handy! It can be used with all kind of filters, physical modeling modules, quad or hex knobless VCA (as a remote fader), or with sequential switch, e.g. Matrixarchate to build an advanced polyphonic, slider controlled sequencer.

Build Document | User Manual


  • Slider travel length: 60 mm
  • Mode 1 characteristics and range: Linear; 0…+10 V
  • Mode 2 characteristics and range: Linear; 0…+5 V
  • Mode 3 characteristics and range: Parabolic: 0…+5.7…0 V
  • Width: 3 hp
  • Depth: 23 mm
  • Current draw: +12 V 4 mA


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