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Power your gear off-grid with USB power banks

Strom Cable Pack – optional

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Strom Mobile is a portable power solution for music makers and everyone who needs reliable voltage source at all times! The Strom Mobile transforms the output voltage of USB power banks (5V DC) to either 9V or 12V DC to power any (music) device running on those voltages. There are two independent channels which can output individually set voltages. The Strom Mobile includes an input current feedback system to save the user from exceeding the maximum output current of the USB powerbank in use.


  • INPUT – Two USB connectors type B. Those are used to connect the USB power banks, one per channel.
  • DC OUTPUT – Four DC connectors – two per channel. The polarity is centre negative. The connectors provide the output voltage, depending on the setting of the respective channel.
  • ON/OFF SWITCH – Turns the Strom Mobile on/off. The device is turned on and powered if the LED with the ‘ON’ label is lit.
  • CURRENT MONITOR – The input current of each channel is displayed by the LEDs on the front panel. The scale is divided into steps of 250mA (0,25A) starting at 0,5A with the LED right above the ‘ON’ LED. The maximum value displayed by the current monitor is an input current of 2,5A which is also the maximum output current of most power banks.
  • 9/12V STATUS LED – Displays the selected output voltage per channel. A lit up LED represents an output voltage of 12V DC, while a unlit LED represents 9V DC.

Strom Mobile includes:

  • 1 x Strom Mobile Power Supply
  • 1 x USB B Cable
  • 2 x DC Cable
  • English user manual.

Please note: USB Powerbanks not included.

If you need more cables you can add the Strom Mobile Cable Pack. This features:

  • 1 x USB B cable (specifically designed version, to minimize voltage drop)
  • 1 x 1-to-5 daisychain DC Cable
  • 2 x DC Cables
  • 1 x polarity changing DC Cable (for instance to go from centre negative to positive and visa versa)

STROM Mobile User Manual


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