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The Synthwerks SP-4D – Quad Dual Slidepot Module

This full DIY Kit contains everything you need to build this module.

The SP-4DP has four 60mm throw high quality dual slide pots with both sets of taps each wired to a set of 1/8″ jacks.

You can patch this up in lots of different ways, as a set of attenuators like an audio mixer for example, or send each slider out to the modulation inputs of an ADSR to give you nice precision control… or anything in-between.

The panel is reversible so you can choose which way the jacks go… or use two and have all eight sliders banked together.


Opposing end taps on each half of the dual slid pot are normalised to a range-selectable DC control voltage (approximately +5 or +10 volts or Ground). The module can pass both AC and DC signals with output levels proportional to the position of the slider. The Jacks and slide pot are mounted to a 26 HP reversible panel. The panel graphics are so that the panel can be rotated to choose if the jacks are to the left or to the right of the slide pots for left or right handed operation, or for setting two unit side-by-side with 8 sliders together in a group.

The SP-4DP is 26HP in width

Build Manual – SP-4DP Kit Manual

Modular Manual – SP-4DP Manual

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