Transient Modules – 1F Switch – Full DIY Kit

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2 Channel VC Switch / Adder

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The Transient Modules 1F is a voltage controlled switch, intended to be a friend for your sequencer. The 1F features two inputs – labelled IN and CV, the CTRL input switches the output from IN to CV on receiving a high gate signal. The top toggle switch on the frontpanel chooses whether CTRL signals switch between inputs or add them together, while the bottom toggle switch allows you to manually turn switching off. The scale potentiometer acts as an attenuator for the CV input, and with nothing plugged in is normalled to a 3.3V offset. The design of the 1F is specially focused on working with sequences and is an ideal tool to add randomness, apply transpositions, or create sequences with constant variations over time. The circuit features 0.1% tolerance resistors to achieve exact unitary gains for precision summing of the v/oct signals.

1F Build Document – Assembly Guide

Technical specifications:

• 4HP.
• 38 mm depth.
• Consumption: 15mA +12V; 10mA -12V.

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