TTSH Minimal Component Kit

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The optional parts below are all necessary for a stock TTSH build of any revision. It is cheaper to buy the jacks and matched transistors on this page as part of a bundle than buying separately.

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PJ301BM 3.5mm Audio 3.5mm Audio Jacks with Hex Nut × 81

Matched 2N3904 Pair × 9

Matched 2N3906 Pair × 5

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This minimal (partial) kit is designed to be used with any run of the TTSH kit from The Human Comparator.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer the rare parts kit any longer. This is a partial component kit that contains some of the parts needed to build the TTSH – at a discount bundle price. The optional matched transistor pairs were matched using the recommended Ian Fritz method to within 2mV of each other.

This does not contain everything you need to build a TTSH. The PCB and Panel are only available directly from The Human Comparator. The other parts can be purchased from Mouser or Farnell etc. see full BOM and build docs here.

Please note that as this is not a complete kit, Thonk won’t provide build support directly so please consider this before purchasing.

Please use the Muffwiggler forum for community based support and advice:


  1. 9 pairs of matched 2n3904 transistors
  2. 5 pairs of matched 2n3906 transistors
  3. 81 x PJ301BM Jacks – Hex Nut

Tempco Resistors are also available to buy separately:

1.87K Tempco AKANEOHM


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PJ301BM 3.5mm Audio 3.5mm Audio Jacks with Hex Nut

Weight 0.0025 kg

Matched 2N3904 Pair

Weight 0.001 kg

Matched 2N3906 Pair

Weight 0.001 kg