Weston – 2VL1 Dual VCO + LFO – PANEL / PCB SET

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Dual Syncable VCOs + LFO

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2VL1 is a 12HP Dual VCO with 2 independent, syncable VCOs and 1 free-running LFO. The 2VL1 was designed with the idea of providing a lot of sound from a small space, and for a low price. The module is designed to be DIY friendly by incorporating all through hole components, all of which are readily available and low-cost. The 2VL1 is configured to use a THAT Corporation matched transistor array and tempo resistors for the 2 exponential converters which provide exceptional thermal stability.  The Panel + PCB set consists of 3 PCBs, and a robust black anodised 2mm thick front panel with crisp laser engraved graphics.


  • 2 x VCOs: one with Saw/Pulse/Triangle waves, another with Saw/Pulse
  • One free-running LFO with square and triangle outputs – 05mHz (20 seconds) – 30Hz
  • VCO B is syncable to VCO A, or an external signal
  • High thermal stability VCO
  • Extremely good tracking (>4 cents over 7+ octaves typical)
  • Robust old-school design with all through hole components, large copper traces, and easily obtainable parts.



  • VCO 1 outputs: Pulse, Saw, & Triangle
  • VCO 2 outputs: Pulse & Saw LFO outputs: Triangle & Square
  • VCO1 & 2 inputs: 1 Volts/Octave*, Pulse Width Modulation, Linear Frequency Modulation (*VCO 2 will default to using the VCO 1 Volts/ oct input until a jack is installed into VCO 2 Volts/oct. VCO 2 Sync: Switchable to Off, synced from VCO 1, or externally synced* *For best results supply a 10Vpp sawtooth or triangle wave. Sync works best when VCO2’s frequency is higher than the master waveform and that the sync waveform is in the C3-C5 range.)
  • All wave outputs: 10 Volts peak-to-peak
  • VCO 1 range: 1Hz – 20kHz
  • VCO 2 range; 1Hz – 20kHz
  • LFO range: 20s (.05mHz)-30Hz range
  • Power input: +12V & -12V via standard 10 pin Eurorack connector.
  • Power consumption (+12V / -12V): 55mA / 52mA
  • 12HP


Build Documentation (revision 04)

Bill Of Materials (revision 06)

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