Music Thing Modular – MOVE – Limited Edition

MOVE is a motion detecting module from Music Thing Modular available in a limited edition of 100 kits.

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Move is a 4hp Eurorack module with a 2-channel switch that is triggered by movement. The module utilises a PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor just like the one used in motion detecting garden lights!

The sensor detects the movement of warm bodies within a few metres. When the movement stops (or starts) it waits a second or two, then flips the switch. It’s a completely passive connection – just a wire – so can actually be connected in either direction. It should be a perfect connection with no signal degradation.

You’ll hear a click from the module every time the relay flips. If you find this annoying while you’re not using the module, connect a cable from ‘Move’ to one of the inputs, and it will stop clicking. With both switches in ‘MOVE’ position, there is only a connection between input and output when the module detects movement (or during the 1-2 second delay after movement).

With switches in ‘STOP’ the situation is reversed. Signal only passes when the module detects no movement.

Switch positionAre you moving?Is there a connection?

The FLIP input overrides the PIR sensor. Add a square wave, LFO or any other signal, and the relay will flip each time it passes above the threshold, which is around or just below one volt.

The relay is pretty fast, and can flip at low audio rates — this is very audible from the module itself.

Switch positionFlip inputIs there a connection?

When nothing is patched to an input, the channel is connected to a +5v signal. This means you can trigger a sequencer or envelope anything else with the module.

It also means you can create a very crude and physically noisy oscillator if you connect a channel output (in Stop position) to the flip input. When the signal is high, it cuts off the relay, which pulls the signal low, which opens the relay… The relay flips as fast as possible, which seems to be about 1-2 khz.

Switch positionAre you moving?Voltage output

MOVE – Build Document | User Manual