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COVID-19 – Variable opening hours.

May 2021 – There are Covid-19 restrictions in place in the UK that affect workplaces.

We are currently open and shipping everywhere.

The Thonk office remains open and shipping worldwide five days a week. Until April 2021 we were sometimes making limits on when you could order to keep our workplace healthy. Our hope and intention is that we will no longer need to do this from May 2021 onwards.

Due to the big changes we made to our operation and workspace back in Spring/Summer 2020 we will not need to see a repeat of the severe limitations we had to place on our service when the pandemic started.

We will not stop shipping to any country unless Royal Mail or Fedex advise against shipping there. There are currently only 5 countries on our ‘no ship’ list – Haiti, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Venezuela and Turkmenistan.

Stay safe, love, Thonk.

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WHOAH 2020 – We’re closing for Xmas.

Hey, we are closing until 2021 soon and this is our final post for 2020. Thanks so much for your support and custom this year. It’s meant a lot… March 2020 seems like about 18 months ago!

Unlike previous winters, and as announced back in November, we’ve decided to actually close completely to international orders for a period before Xmas and over New Year to take a proper break and so our return to work in January isn’t too insane.

We will stop taking new international orders soon so we can reliably ship everything before Xmas eve, therefore we can offer no promises on how much longer we will stay open in 2020 from the date of this post.

It depends on the order volume. If we get overwhelmed with orders we might close as early as 16/17th December to concentrate on shipping the remainder.

See you in 2021 and happy new year! If you celebrate Xmas then have a great one!

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New Switch Caps!

We’ve been trying to get a good supply of these in the right range of colours, sized for both Mini AND Sub-Mini for SO long now. Buy them here.

Finally we are done, these look and feel great! As ever we didn’t skimp on quality, but our pricing compared to other sites is frankly *chef’s kiss*. It’s 2020 so we had some errr… fun with particle effects too.

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Thonk is 8 years old today!

8 years old? Wow, how did that happen? The last few months have been such a blur we almost lost track of time.

Normally we celebrate our birthday with something special for our lovely customers, we have to delay that until Oct/Nov as we are still slammed after the lockdown… but we’ll make it good 🙂

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Dates for your Diary – Annual Stocktake 2020

This is advance warning of two periods where Thonk will be closed at the end of August and September 2020.

Normally we cram our annual stocktake into an INSANE 2-3 day closure and do everything at once. Due to changes in our working practices during the pandemic we are splitting this into two longer closure periods.

Thonk will be closed to new orders on:

Thursday 27th to Friday 28th August.

Tuesday 29th September to Thursday 1st October

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Christmas and New Year

Here is some information on our Christmas and new year opening times. Our email support is now closed until January 3rd and we probably won’t be on social media much until that time either.

We are shipping the morning of December 24th, then the 27th and 28th. Service resumes as normal on January 3rd.

It’s free shipping on all UK orders until the end of December too.

If you are managing to take some time off in the next few weeks we hope you have a peaceful and synthetic time. We are looking forward to serving up lots more awesome modular stuff in 2019!


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  1. If you are outside the UK and don’t select a Fedex or UPS option we don’t guarantee delivery before Xmas.
  2. If you select a courier option then you are 100% liable for any Tax, Duty or Brokerage fees.
  3. If the package is undeliverable for any reason and the item is returned, you must pay the reshipment cost.
  4. You must provide a real email and phone number. If you select Fedex or UPS as the courier and they cannot contact you to arrange shipment, you must pay the reshipment cost.

For more information on the specific free shipping deal in your country click below:

United Kingdom

European Union

United States

Canada, Brazil, Mexico

Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, India, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore

Armenia, Georgia, Aland Islands, Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Faroe Island, Gibraltar, Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican

If your country isn’t listed above we aren’t able to offer you a free shipping option.