RYO Aperture Demo

Nice demo of this tasty low pass gate and filter module, kits in stock here.

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Xmas shipping dates and Free Shipping deal


You can check out the last suggested dates for Xmas shipping here.

Also, heads up! We are having an European free shipping promotion next weekend (EU only), it starts Friday 27th Nov and runs for a day or two.

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T-shirts Half Price

Just a few left now, get them here. Bit cold for T-shirts.halfprice

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Crazy amount of brand new full kits in stock this week. Say hello to Bastl Instruments!


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Peterborough Modular Meet

Modular Meet and Gig in Peterborough – Saturday 28th November. I’m going, come!

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London Modular Meet – December 5th 2015

More info on the Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/events/1645820745706480/


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Official Serge Eurorack DIY!

We are very pleased to announce that Random*Source plan to offer a range of Serge DIY modules in Eurorack format. These designs combine the original Serge circuits with the advantages of today’s technology in the popular Eurorack format. This range is produced in collaboration with and under licence from Serge Tcherepnin himself.

The first module to be released is a Panel/PCB set of the legendary Serge Extended Variable Resonance filter (VCFQ). We look forward to revealing more to you in the coming weeks and months.



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Maker.ie kits for beginners

Dublin based Maker.ie have a new trio of Eurorack modular DIY kits that are focussed completely on DIY beginners. A really nice approach and a great way to get started in modular synth DIY.




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There is a new Music Thing Modular product released today!

A new expander for the Turing Machine called VACTROL MIX



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Radio Music back in stock

Radio Music is back, and lots of other restocks too… click below to proceed:



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Vactrol Group Buy

The beloved VTL series of Vactrols are being discontinued this year. So if you want to ever build a low pass gate in the future now might be the time to take part in our group buy. We are offering these as a service to the DIY community at cost  + 3% handling fee. Offer ends in 7 days – August 27th.




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Hot Glue and Paths

A big week for two of our best-selling manufacturers, we have the much anticipated Hexinverter Mutant Hot Glue Mixer/Compressor/Distortion module, in both Full Kit and Panel/PCB forms (and a restock of the other Mutant Drums too).

We also have the innovative and deep new PATHS module from RYO, a really nice approach to tricking out a classic cycling sequential switch. The perfect way to combine multiple sequencers and CV sources together, but it’s also clockable by very high clock rates and CVable with full audio range. Check it out here.


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Humpback and T-shirts

We have two new releases today; Firstly the glorious Humpback Multimode VCF from new company GOD’s BOX; secondly a limited edition run of Premium Thonk T-Shirts for the summer.


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Rebel Technology now in stock

We are now stocking full DIY Kits of the Rebel Technology Stoicheia, LogoiKlasmata.



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Manhattan Analog SVVCF now in stock

We’re now stocking the MA SVVCF Filter Panel and PCB set, we have a restock of the Penrose Quantizer and the Circuit Abbey Tick kit too.

We also have some brand new 4U panels in from Charlie at Loudest Warning; the Stroh Ultrafade VCO and Stroh Pico VCO.

Don’t forget…

We still have our special offer on Toppobrillo PCBS, buy the Eurorack Panel for either the Triple Wavefolder (TWF) or Buchla 281 clone and get the Toppo PCBs completely free! There is no limit on size of order, read more here.



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Sonic Potions Penrose Quantizer Kit

The Penrose Quantizer is now in stock right here. We also have a restock of the nifty little 2hp CFM Bipolar Half-Wave Rectifier kit.


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New RYO and 4MS and more

We have one brand new full kit this week… the RYO 3xVCA – Triple Precision VCA.
We have restocks of the RYO Logic Full Kits, the Turing Machine Ultimate Bundle & the TTSH Rare Parts kit.

NEW PCB PANEL SET – 4MS Rotating Clock Divider
NEW PCB PANEL SET – 4MS Shuffling Clock Multiplier
NEW PCB PANEL SET – CLee 4U Minimoog Filter


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Brighton Modular Meet – Saturday May 30th 2015

There are now various web places where you can keep up to date on the next Brighton Modular Meet.
Come along and check out the Thonk wares!

WEBPAGE/MAILING LIST – http://www.brightonmodularmeet.co.uk/
FACEBOOK PAGE – http://www.facebook.com/brightonmodularmeet
MAY 30TH FACEBOOK EVENT – http://www.facebook.com/events/448092045353522/
TWITTER – http://www.twitter.com/BrightonModular


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New Alpha 9mm Pot values in stock today

New pot values in stock today here. Do let us know if there are any specific projects you’d like us to stock pots for.



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Music Thing Modular Restock

We have just restocked the main four Music Thing Modular kits. We have another replenishing restock coming in 3 weeks that also includes the Turing Expanders too.

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