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New Switch Caps!

We’ve been trying to get a good supply of these in the right range of colours, sized for both Mini AND Sub-Mini for SO long now. Buy them here.

Finally we are done, these look and feel great! As ever we didn’t skimp on quality, but our pricing compared to other sites is frankly *chef’s kiss*. It’s 2020 so we had some errr… fun with particle effects too.

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Official Serge Eurorack DIY!

We are very pleased to announce that Random*Source plan to offer a range of Serge DIY modules in Eurorack format. These designs combine the original Serge circuits with the advantages of today’s technology in the popular Eurorack format. This range is produced in collaboration with and under licence from Serge Tcherepnin himself.

The first module to be released is a Panel/PCB set of the legendary Serge Extended Variable Resonance filter (VCFQ). We look forward to revealing more to you in the coming weeks and months.