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COVID-19 – Variable opening hours.

March 2021 – There is a Covid-19 lockdown in place in the UK that affects workplaces.

We will open again to new orders by Wednesday April 14th 2021. We continue to ship existing orders in the background.

The Thonk office remains open and shipping worldwide five days a week but we are sometimes making limits on when you can order to keep our workplace healthy. Demand continues unabated but our capacity to work safely is sometimes being affected.

We are currently shutting the site to new orders between 1-2 days a week. Typically this is Monday-Tuesday but depends on demand. We are always open from Weds evening to Monday morning. In some weeks we haven’t needed to close at all.

Like all companies we are facing short staffing issues due to employees having to isolate with Covid-19 like symptoms. In the UK in January Covid-19 like symptoms are very common! Alongside our increased social distancing regime this is impacting our rate of shipping.

The good news is that due to the big changes we made to our operation and workspace back in April 2020 we will not need to see a repeat of the severe limitations we had to place on our service when the pandemic started.

We will not stop shipping to any country unless Royal Mail or Fedex advise against shipping there. There are currently only 5 countries on our ‘no ship’ list – Haiti, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Venezuela and Turkmenistan.

We will not be artificially limiting the amount of products you can order OR the range of products available.


You can be sure that if we don’t need to close, we won’t!

Our biggest challenge is meeting our rampant customer demand whilst also being restricted on hiring and accommodating new staff safely. Roll on the vaccinations!

Stay safe, love, Thonk.