ADDAC107 Acid Source – Full DIY Kit

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Compact synth voice particularly suited for acid style music, distorted leads and basslines!

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ADDAC107 Acid Source is a full synth voice particularly suited for acid style music, as well as nice distorted leads and basslines!

Acid Source features a VCO with a FREQUENCY and FINE TUNE knob plus a dedicated CV Input and Attenuator knob (tuneable over 4 octaves).

The VCO waveform output is achieved by selecting either a Triangle or Saw through a switch. The selected waveform can then be mixed/balanced against the square wave and the resulting mix is then sent to the Filter.

The Filter features a CUTOFF and RESO resonance knob plus a Cutoff CV Input and Attenuverter knob. A 3 position switch is used to select the filter type between: Highpass, Bandpass or Lowpass and the resulting output is then sent to the VCA.

The VCA features an Input with INPUT GAIN knob which at maximum can amplify the incoming signal by a factor of 2. This is a very important control, it accepts any signal Trigger, Gate or CV. Whatever input is plugged in the signal is then fed through an AD envelope with a very short attack and controllable decay through the VCA DECAY knob plus the CV Input and Attenuverter knob. The resulting slewed signal is then used to control the VCA gain and this signal is also sent to the CV OUTPUT as well as the LED monitor.

There is an Accent input which adds to the Input signal creating a different amplitude output. The CV OUTPUT is normalised to the Frequency and Cutoff inputs.


  • Width: 9HP
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Power Consumption: 80mA +12V, 80mA -12V

ADDAC107 – Build Document | User Manual


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