AI026 – IO Interface – Full DIY Kit

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Converts a stereo Eurorack level signal to stereo line level and back again

This module has a black frontpanel

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The AI026 Eurorack Line Interface converts between +/- 2V Line Signals and +/- 5V Eurorack signals. This allows for the best headroom and highest quality when processing Line signals with Eurorack modules, and vice versa.

The AI026 features individual attenuation controls for both line and Eurorack level signals as well as separate stereo inputs and outputs. The left input channel is normalised to the right, so that when no cable is connected to the right input, the left signal will be passed to that input. This module works great alongside the AI018 Stereo Matrix Mixer for integrating a Eurorack effects send/return setup with a DAW. Or for sending Eurorack signals into desktop FX boxes and back again etc.

IO Interface – Build Document | User Manual


  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 35mm
  • Power Consumption: 11 mA +12V, 11 mA -12V

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