DE-8 – Beneath The Bush of Ghosts – Panel, PCB & Chip Set

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Quad Lo-fi looping sampler

Note: this is a Panel, PCB & Chip set only – you must source the rest of the parts yourself! 

All SMD parts are already pre-soldered

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Beneath the Bush of Ghosts is a 26hp Quad Lo-fi sampler based on the ISD1820 IC chip which is an old answering machine chip. This module is inspired by several other projects based on the ISD1820 chip. Each of the four channels are identical to each other with some sneaky normalisation going on between the channels for extra fun!

There is a mix output which combines all the dry inputs with the sampler outputs, while the individual outs of each channel only contain the sampler output. Each individual output is cross modulated with the channel next to it in pairs, so 1-2 modulate each other and 3-4 the same way. Each output is also normalled to the following input, 1-2-3-4 and 4 goes back to input 1. This means you can do generation loss (i.e. disintegrating loops) with some clever patching.  Each channel has a filter with lowpass to the left and high pass to the right, as well as a pitch knob with a dedicated cv input and attenuator. There is also a dedicated trig input for each channel, and control buttons for the following functions: record in, momentary play and full play of the sample. The trig inputs need a +5v gate to operate. Samples can be played on loop by engaging the ‘Loop’ switch at the top of each channel.

Recording instructions: In order to record you need to turn the loop switch off, set the pitch to around the 10 to 2 o’clock (you can experiment with this), the CV knob will usually influences the sample speed so make sure it is fully CCW. Insert an input signal (or use the looping sampler next to it) and hit record, the LED will turn off while recording, and light up again when the memory of the chip is full. It’s a simple as that!

This Panel & PCB set includes 4 x ISD1820 Chips, you must source the rest of the parts yourself!

All SMD parts are already pre-soldered

Beneath The Bush of Ghosts – Build Document & BOM

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