Electrosmith – Daisy Patch Submodule

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Daisy Patch Submodule is a DSP platform for Eurorack synthesizer modules.

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The Daisy Patch Submodule is a DSP platform for Eurorack synthesizer modules. It features a lightning fast STM32 processor, high fidelity stereo audio codec, and enough RAM for 10 minute long buffers – all with standard signal levels and conditioning for the Eurorack ecosystem.

The Daisy Patch Submodule is designed with versatility in mind, allowing a singular platform to be any function within a modular system you need:

  • Effects Processor (Reverb, Granular, Delay)
  • Sampler (Sample Player, Looper, Glitch)
  • Sound Generator (VCO, Physical Modelling, Drums)
  • Sequencer (Pitch Sequencer, MIDI Sequencer, Gate Pattern Generator)
  • CV Generator (Random Voltage, LFO, Envelope, MIDI to CV/CV to MIDI)

Simply design your carrier board, and let the Patch Submodule do the rest!

Programming is a breeze with support for C++, Max/MSP Gen~, Pure Data, Arduino, and more. These languages can be coupled with Electrosmith’s open source DSP library, DaisySP, for a powerful music synthesis programming environment.


  • Create your dream Eurorack module with the Daisy Patch SM!
  • STM32 M7 processor at 480MHz, 96kHz / 24-bit audio, RAM for up to 10 minute audio buffers
  • Stereo audio IO, x12 ADC inputs ( 16-bit bipolar CV or potentiometer), x2 CV outputs (12-bit), x2 gate inputs, x2 gate outputs, x12 GPIO
  • Flash firmware over USB via open source web programmer
  • Support for SDDMC, SPI, UART, I2C, and USB
  • FCC / CE Tested and Compliant
  • Backwards power protection installed
  • Mini JTAG Header Not Included

Technical Documents

Datasheet – v1.0.5
Pinout: PDF // CSV
libDaisy Reference Documentation
DaisySP Reference Documentation

FCC Certification

FCC Class A Compliance
EN 55032/EN 55035/A11 Compliance
EU Declaration of Conformity

Getting Started

Getting Started Wiki Page
Setting Up Your Development Environment
Creating Your First Project
Example Programs – Read Source // Flash Binaries

Hardware Design

EAGLE Device
Example Reference Designs
ERB – Programmatically Generate Eurorack Modules
Segger J-Link Debugger – Wiki=
3D Model


Daisy Forum
Daisy Discord



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