Shakmat Modular – Aeolus Mixer – Full DIY Kit

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Quadraphonic Mixer with 5.1 surround compatibility

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Aeolus Mixer from Shakmat is a Eurorack quadraphonic mixer that brings together quadraphonic, stereo, and mono signals into one place. It’s perfect for installations, concerts, and 5.1 surround sound applications.

Aeolus Mixer features three sets of quadraphonic inputs and two sets of stereo inputs. The inputs are normalled together, allowing the quadraphonic section to handle stereo signals, and all sections accept mono signals. The second stereo input section has a cross switch, which changes how the two signals pass into the quadraphonic section.

Aeolus Mixer features four primary and two secondary outputs. Center is a mix of channels 1 and 2, otherwise known as the front channels, while the sum is a mix of all four channels. An included 5.1 switch compensates the gain on channels 1 and 2 to keep the volume equal between the front and rear. Four headers on the rear of the module provide a way to reduce the output gain by 6dB for each of the four primary outputs.

Eurorack has barely scratched the surface of the possibilities of quadraphonic spacializing. This module is a simple and elegant solution for panning and mixing signals in a four-axis space.

Aeolus Mixer – Build Document | User Manual 

  • Quadraphonic unity mixer
  • 3 quadraphonic inputs with mono and stereo normalisation
  • 2 stereo inputs with mono normalisation
  • Cross switch on the second stereo input allowing stereo crossing in the quadraphonic space
  • 5.1 compatible outputs thanks to the center and sum output in addition to the four main outputs
  • Jumpers on the back on the module for gain reduction
  • 6hp wide


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