Music Thing Modular – TWIN DRIVE – Full DIY Kit

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4HP Stereo Drive / Distortion Module

A great kit for DIY beginners! All surface mount parts come pre-soldered.

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A great quick and easy kit for DIY beginners! All surface mount parts come pre-soldered.

The Twin Drive is a 4HP Drive/Distortion module inspired by the classic Minimoog input gain. Twin Drive  is a stereo version of the Mini Drive, with  left and right inputs – the left input is normalled to both outputs so the module can be used with mono signals as well. The Drive knob goes from zero/silent to lots of gain. It’s a dirty gain for modular level and works well with line level inputs – like a drum machine. It’s not suited as an external input for guitar.

Using this module is a great way to make a polite sound source into something less polite, but always experiment with the levels! – the output can sound completely different depending on the settings and it can also be used to just add a nice bit of warmth to your input.

While it doesn’t have CV in you can either put a VCA or a filter before to modify the amount of grime, or get more experimental and try blasting an LFO or a sequence into one input to see what it does to audio in the other input.

Twin Drive – Build Document | Twin Drive @ Music Thing

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