Zlob Modular – MiniAtt Full DIY Kit

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2 Channel Attenuator / Mixer/ Offset / Level Shifter

New 2021 active version

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The Zlob Modular MiniAtt is a 2hp Dual Attenuator, Offset Generator, Level Shifter, and Mixer Eurorack Module.

The newest 666 version(2021) can be powered and will provide Offset of 0-5V with nothing plugged into the “IN” for each channel controlled by each respective Potentiometer. The “Sum Out” will also be able to send out 0-10v~ volts depending on the setting of each Potentiometer. Both channels are normalled to the sum, so inserting a signal into an “OUT” will remove it from the “Sum Out.” Likewise, when inserting a cable into the IN it will remove the voltage normalization and act as a simple attenuator. In active mode the module can also be used to offset and level shift +5v to -5v signals to 0v to 5v(and other ranges in between) at the “Sum Out” with a waveform input on one channel and by using the normalled voltage offset from the other channel.

There will be signal loss at the “Sum Out” in passive mode. In active mode the “Sum Out” is buffered and there will be no signal loss.

The new black and white pcb/panel is reversible meaning, one side has the  classic zlob design and the other side is plain black.

Note: The module should not be powered when the jumper is closed for passive mode.

Can be used Passively or Powered (2021 version)

Note: this is a Panel/PCB Set only – for complete kit go here

MiniAtt – Build Document


  • Width: 2HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Panel: Aluminium – Black /Red
  • Power Consumption: Passive 0mA, active: +10mA, -5mA

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