Kits and products from Thonk Ltd are sold with the following terms and conditions. If you don’t understand or agree with these terms and conditions then you should not purchase or construct kits or products from Thonk Ltd.

  1. Supplies by Thonk Ltd. to customers outside of Great Britain will be under a DAP/DUU Incoterm unless otherwise stated. As such, Thonk will be responsible for export formalities from Great Britain and the customer is responsible for import formalities, including the payment of any applicable import duties, taxes and clearance costs.
  2. You, the customer, agree that once the supplied item is unpacked in any way and contact is made between any part of it with any tool (including but not limited to Soldering iron, snips, pliers, screwdriver, hex key, wire cutters) that the successful fitting or construction, safe powering or necessary calibration of that product is purely your responsibility.
  3. While the successful construction or fitting, safe powering and necessary calibration of that product is purely your responsibility we do provide build support and debugging advice purely as a gesture of goodwill. We provide this wherever possible, within the limits of our experience and knowledge and at the speed our busy work schedule allows. We cannot guarantee you will end up with a working device but we will naturally replace any parts that we jointly identify as faulty. Your patience and co-operation with us is vital in ascertaining whether parts are faulty due to a build error or not. You may well need a digital multimeter. Replacement parts to customers outside of Great Britain will be provided under the shipping provider and Incoterm of the original sale.
  4. We only provide build and debugging support on product purchases where the parts as supplied by Thonk are used in the build and assembly. If you solder or fit other parts not supplied by Thonk we are unable to provide any build or debugging support.
  5. The customer is responsible for the safe handling of any parts which come in packaging warning of sensitivity to ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) – These parts can be damaged without any physical contact at all.
  6. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring the product will not damage other equipment that you connect it to. Damage to other equipment is your responsibility. We are not responsible if you injure yourself or others, or damage any of your property or others property during the construction or use of products purchased from Thonk Ltd.
  7. You, the customer, must enter your real, correct and actively monitored email and telephone number during registration and subsequent orders. Communication from Thonk Ltd will always be made via the email supplied when registering or via your PayPal email. If you enter a fake or incorrect email during registration or at any point after registration you break our Terms and Conditions and could miss vital information about the products you have purchased such as build documentation updates. It will be obvious to you if you accidentally entered an incorrect email as you will not receive the following emails; Confirmation of registration on Thonk Ltd, confirmation of orders placed, confirmation of orders shipping. It is your responsibility to enter a correct email and to check that email responses from Thonk Ltd are not being sent to spam. By not entering your correct phone number you may also miss delivery attempts of your parcel and risk the parcel being returned.
  8. You must whitelist our email address [email protected] in your email system to ensure that our emails to you do not go into your spam folder.
  9. If you choose or are assigned a tracked shipping method then you the customer are solely responsible for tracking the parcels progress online to avoid missed deliveries. If a parcel is returned to Thonk Ltd because you didn’t follow the tracking online then you are responsible for paying the shipping cost for the whole parcel journey and any applicable import duties and customs clearance costs. We can also offer a refund on the products if they arrive back in good condition in this instance, but not on the original delivery cost. YOU AGREE TO NOT RELY ON YOUR NATIONAL POST OFFICE SERVICE PUTTING A CARD THROUGH YOUR DOOR TO INFORM YOU OF A MISSED DELIVERY ATTEMPT, YOU WILL ACTIVELY TRACK PARCELS ELECTRONICALLY.
  10. If you chose a shipping method which is not designated “Signed For™” for a UK delivery and your parcel does not arrive then we reserve the right to wait 3 weeks until issuing a replacement.
  11. If you chose an ‘Regular Airmail’ shipping method for any delivery outside the United Kingdom and your parcel does not arrive then we reserve the right to wait at least 8 weeks before issuing a replacement.
  12. Where a shipment is not delivered due to you not undertaking required customs clearance steps, we reserve the right to not issue a replacement and the cost of the whole shipping journey and the total accumulated customs and duty costs will be deducted from any eligible refund. Our definition of not undertaking required customs clearance steps includes ignoring the charges until the parcel is returned, disputing the charges until the parcel is returned, refusing the delivery of the parcel by not paying the charges. We consider you providing us with an incorrect or un-monitored email or telephone number as actively blocking required customs clearance steps as it means the delivery agent cannot contact you to take payment for a customs charge.
  13. We do not offer or perform repairs of any type, under any circumstance. Any returns must be arranged in advance. You will be responsible for the export formalities for returns from outside Great Britain and we must be informed of the shipment at the time of booking, along with provision of the tracking number. If any customs clearance requirements are need in Great Britain, we reserve the right to communicate specific information for import clearance to Great Britain that you must follow. Partially or fully constructed modules should not be returned to Thonk Ltd.
  14. If you buy a product as a gift or sell it to a third party (in incomplete, partially complete or fully complete form) it is your responsibility to make the person receiving the product aware of these terms and conditions you are reading.
  15. Thonk Ltd reserve the right to refuse to sell products to companies and individuals involved in the defence and security industries.
  16. If you discover any parts or items missing in your order you must inform us within 30 days of receipt of the order to be eligible for replacements. Replacement parts or items where applicable, will be delivered as per the Incoterm of the original shipment for shipments to locations outside of Great Britain.
  17. Refunds on purchases made from outside Great Britain are discretionary and reviewed on a case by case basis. All refunds must be requested within 7 days of the arrival date. Goods should never be returned without following the process laid out below. All returns made without following the process below will be returned to sender unopened, the sender also then becomes eligible for the return postage cost. We can only refund you if the physical item is returned. The customer must pay the return postage cost, but if we deem the returned item as faulty we can discuss reimbursing some or all of the return postage cost.
  18. If you return an item for refund which is not defective or incomplete you are elligible for refund on the product cost only, not the shipping cost or import taxes and clearance costs incurred by Thonk. This is the case even if you originally had free shipping on your outgoing order.
  19. You, the customer, agree that once the supplied item is unpacked in any way and contact is made between any part of it with any tool (including but not limited to Soldering iron, snips, pliers, screwdriver, hex key, wire cutters) then your eligibility for return/refund is based upon the the inspection of the returned products after they arrive back at Thonk. We can not guarentee full refunds until the products arrive in our hands, we can’t agree a refund based on photographs. Products which are not faulty and have been fitted or assembled and have therefore been altered in that process (including but not limited to scratched, scuffed, deformed, snapped or otherwise no longer in ‘as new’ condition) are refunded on a partial or discretionary basis.
  20. Refunds and returns on clothing products are only available within the UK – Clothing must be returned within 2 weeks of purchase – Clothing must be returned unopened unless there is a discrepancy in the label size and actual size. We can only refund you or provide a replacement if the physical item is returned.
  21. We take our customers privacy seriously. We will never sell or give any information you provide to us to a third party. We adhere to UK laws on the protection of customers personal data .
  22. We do not store or collect our customers financial details. We securely accept credit and debit card or PayPal payments without capturing or storing card or any other financial information on our website. Payment information is collected by PayPal using a secure inline frame inside our website.
  23. PO BOX addresses (including ‘Parcel stations’, ‘Postnummer’ addresses or any services where the parcel is accepted at a third party location, e.g. shops or hotels) are used entirely at the risk of the customer. If your PO BOX does not accept parcels which require a signature OR does not accept parcels from couriers (FedEx, UPS etc) please do not enter it. If a parcel is rejected by a PO BOX address we will wait for it to be returned to the UK and cannot intervene in the process. The customer is always liable for the shipping and reshipping costs and any applicable duty or customs charges for the whole parcel journey due to a failed PO BOX delivery, regardless of the reason given, and even if the original shipment was sent with no shipping cost paid by the customer. For shipments to locations outside of Great Britain the customer is responsible for import taxes for the original shipment and any resent shipments.
  24. All our bulk discounts, shipping discounts, sale items and discounts on products ordered online on www.thonk.co.uk are made available to private customers on a basis of no resales of loose parts. We reserve the right to refuse sales to resellers on a discretionary basis. All resellers must contact us in advance via email to discuss sales terms in advance of placing orders offline.
  25. If you arrange the delivery of your order to a location or country you are only visiting temporarily (e.g. you are on holiday or vacation or a business trip) we will not take responsibility for the parcel if it doesn’t arrive until after you have left that location. We will not refund or replace in this situation. Please always contact us in advance before trying to arrange this type of delivery. We cannot arrange redelivery of a failed delivery if you are no longer present in the original delivery location. If the parcel is being held in a location local to the intended delivery location it is your responsibility to travel to that location to rescue the parcel. If the parcel is destroyed by the carrier due to no one picking it up we cannot refund or replace.
    1. You must Email us within three days of payment or within three days of receipt of the goods (whichever period is the longer) and clearly state:
      1. Reason for refund or return
      2. www.thonk.co.uk order number (e.g. #87654)
      3. Payment method.
      4. Payment transaction ID (Paypal or Worldpay) OR time/date/reference of UK BACS Bank transfer.
    2. We will respond within 1-21 days with either
      1. An acceptance of your refund or return request and a unique RMA number (e.g. RMA****)… OR
      2. A request for further information…. OR
      3. A refusal (e.g. if the request is made outside the stated return period)
    3. If your refund or return request is accepted your goods should be addressed to the return address on the original parcel. For shipments from outside Great Britain, you will be responsible for export formalities. We reserve the right to deduct any applicable import duties in to Great Britain on any refunds. Please note addresses containing these locations are no longer valid: VANTAGE POINT or CHURCH ROAD.