ADDAC714 – Vintage Clip – Full DIY Kit

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Diode based Soft Clipper / Limiter

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The ADDAC 714 is a two channel soft clipping module, which can also act as a limiter.

Diode based passive clipping acts as a “brick wall” limiter with a fixed knee given by the inherent diode physics. A passive RC low pass circuit adds a 3.3KHz -3db low pass filter which sculpts the overall tone while also adding further character to the effect.

There is a bypass switch on both channels that bypasses clipping, allowing the signal to be handled directly at the output pot. This output parameter is ideal for the final adjustment of the signal amplitude. The Gain pot controls the clipping, which can be switched between bipolar and unipolar clipping with the Symmetry switch. With bipolar setting (top) odd and even harmonics are added and with unipolar setting (bottom) only odd harmonics are added. With 2x opamp-based output gain stages and the clipping LED, you’ll always have your levels under control.

ADDAC714 – Build Document | User Manual


  • Two channels with soft clipping
  • Symmetry switch
  • Clip LED and output control


  • Depth: 6HP
  • Width: 40mm deep
  • Power Consumption: 40mA +12V, 40mA -12V

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