Axis Modular – 2x Input – Full DIY Kit

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Compact stereo input amplifier for eurorack

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The 2x iNPUT was designed to be a direct solution for plugging in Korg Volcas or other line level machines straight into a eurorack case without having to resort to some form of external amplification. The circuit used is based on Tom Whitwells Mikrophonie (thanks Tom!) with a few adjustments. It’s 2 channel, AC Coupled, and output levels aren’t quite as hot. The amplification is still very capable though if you want to plug in  a contact microphone (or two – think stereo marbles in a box). You can also use the 2x Input to overdrive signals from your eurorack to add warmth and distortion if desired.

The module can be used as either a 2 x mono or 1 x stereo line level or guitar/mic amplifier. Operation of the module is quite simple, take any line/guitar level instrument and the input gets amplified up to eurorack volume levels. Having separate control for each channel provides more flexibility than a single stereo input and opens up the module to be used with a wider range of external gear. This module also pairs very well with the Axis Modular SPLiT.

When the right input is left unpatched the left side will be normalled over to it, allowing you to send a mono input to two outputs.

2x iNPUT – Build Guide | User Manual | Schematic

Tech Specs:

  • Width: 4HP
  • Module Depth: 32mm including power cable.
  • Power consumption: +12v 7mA / -12v 7mA

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