Axis Modular – LK DELAY – DIY Partial Kit

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Digital delay with locking feedback control

Note: this is a partial kit only – see below for details of which parts are included. For full kit go HERE


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The LK Delay is a highly playable 8HP digital delay module using the infamous  PT2399 delay chip (commonly found in guitar pedals).

The LK Delay features CV control over the delay time via the clock input and a momentary LOCK button, which when pressed and held maxes out the delay feedback. This delay really comes to life when playing the controls. Combine holding the lock button with moving the TIME control for interesting evolving and glitchy textures. Additional controls are a LOCK LEVEL knob for reigning in the amount of self-oscillation and a dedicated Dry/Wet mix control.

LK DELAY – Build Document, BOM & User Manual

Note: this partial kit includes:

  • 1 x LK Delay Eurorack Panel & PCB Set
  • 1 x PT2399 delay chip
  • 1 x Momentary Switch Button

You must source the rest of the parts yourself!


  • Delay time: 30ms-800ms
  • Width: 8HP
  • Power Consumption: +12v 30ma, -12v 7ma


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