Befaco ‘Excalibus’ Power Supply – Full DIY Kit

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Skiff friendly compact Eurorack power supply and bus

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This full DIY kit contain all the parts needed to build your own Eurorack power supply. Excalibus is a skiff friendly compact power supply and bus all in one. Specially designed for medium portable Eurorack systems, Excalibus offers a great balance between space, power and stability.


  • Ultra-compact distribution bus – only 12 mm tall and featuring horizontal connectors to maximize space.
  • Power connector and ON/Off switch are specially situated to make assembly and integration on the case ultra-easy
  • Excalibus is designed to be the only bus for a two-row system
  • Includes optional terminal block for using your own power switch.
  •  Input: 9 – 18v (Recommended 45W)
  • Output Current:
    +12v: 1.2 A
    -12v: 1.2 A
    +5v: 1 A
  • Measurements: 50mm x 400mm x 12mm

Build Document – Excalibus Assembly Guide


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