Turing Expander VOLTS Panel / PCB

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This is not a full kit, for the complete kits go here

Note that multiple VOLTS modules can be daisy-chained from a single Turing Machine module to give a ‘polyphonic’ CV output.

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NOTE: This is a PCB and Eurorack panel only, for the complete kits go here

This module is compatible with all versions of the Turing Machine. With the older Mki Turing Machine the Backpack module is also required.

Build Image – https://www.thonk.co.uk/documents/turing2016/volts/

BOM – https://github.com/TomWhitwell/Volts

Build Thread – https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=159116

For support start an new issue here – https://github.com/TomWhitwell/Volts/issues

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Aluminium Frontpanel, Black Aluminium Frontpanel

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