Befaco – MIDI Thing V2 – Full DIY Kit

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Powerhouse MIDI to CV Converter

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The Midi Thing v2 is a flexible MIDI to CV converter. Allowing polyphonic notes handling, envelope and LFO generation as well as all available MIDI messages to be converted into CV. There are many upgrades from the previous beloved MIDI Thing, including a screen for easy configuration, 12 assignable ports, TRS, USB Host and Device, MIDI merge OUT, a web configuration tool, and a VCV rack bridge counterpart.

Midi Thing V2 can connect to MIDI devices using MIDI IN TRS, MIDI HOST, and MIDI DEVICE. There is also an available MIDI OUT, that merges all signals coming from TRS In, HOST and device and outputs as a MIDI OUT signal. USB devices can be connected using the included 2HP expander or on the back of the module, see the user manual for more details .


  • 12 Configurable ports
  • TRS type A MIDI IN and OUT, USB host and device connectivity.
  • Configuration screen with intuitive menu diving.
  • Web configuration tool.


  • Power Consumption: +12V: 150mA, -12V: 5mA, +5v : 120mA (It depends on the USB devices connected to the MIDI Host)
  • Width: 6HP (8HP with expander)
  • Depth: 30mm including power connector
  • Aluminium, heat-treated front panel.
  • Designed, kits prepared and assembled in Barcelona.

Midi Thing V2 – Build Document | Quick Start Guide | User Manual

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