Befaco – Pony VCO – 3U Full DIY Kit

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Compact Analog Thru-Zero Wavefolding VCO/LFO

This kit requires very little soldering with most parts already pre-soldered. However this is a dense PCB and still requires care and attention when assembling and calibrating.

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Pony VCO is a fully analog Thru-Zero oscillator with wavefolder and dedicated VCA in only 4HP. The module offers great stability and tuning capabilities thanks to its powerful core, based on a Sound Semiconductor IC. The Pony VCO features a range selector switch, which allows the frequency to go down into LFO range, there is also an octave switch and waveform selector switch.

In Through Zero oscillators, frequency is controlled by either positive and negative voltage. If FM CV goes below zero, the core will continue oscillating inverting its phase. This “little” change of behaviour allows the core to create a whole new range of timbres that are just impossible to achieve with regular VCOs. If you set the module as LFO, the range of funky modulations will be endless!

Pony – Build Document | User Manual | Calibration Guide


  • Through Zero Frequency Modulation
  • Wavefolding (Timbre)
  • Pulsewidth Modulation (PWM)
  • SYNC
  • VCA
  • LFO


  • Current Draw: +12v: 32 mA -12v: 25mA
  • Width: 3U – 4HP, 1U – 24HP
  • Depth: 30mm including power connector
  • Aluminum, heat-treated front panel

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