Black Noise Modular – GOMA – Full DIY Kit

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Generator / Offset / Mixer / Attenuverter.

All SMD parts come already pre-soldered

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GOMA is designed to be an improved version of the classic 3 Attenuator/Attenuverter modules. Each channel can be set as an Attenuator or Attenuverter using the dedicated switches and each channel can be normalised to +5 or +10V

There is a feedback LED on each channel for monitoring the current state of the output and you can easily daisy chain multiple GOMA modules together to create a virtually infinite number of mixers/offset generators.

GOMA is 100% analog so the switches keep their states even when your rack is off.

GOMA – Build DocumentManual

This kit comes with a regular eurorack power cable. It does not come with the reverse power cables available in some kits directly from Black Noise or other supplier.

  • Panel Width: 4HP
  • Module Depth: 20mm (skiff friendly)
  • Power Consumption:
    +12V : 33mA
    -12V : 33mA

All SMD parts come already pre-soldered


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