Black Noise Modular – Slew LFO – Full DIY Kit

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Compact Slew / LFO / Function Generator

All SMD parts come already pre-soldered

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This 4hp Eurorack module is designed to provide slew / LFO duties in an ergonomic and compact package, however it’s much more than a simple LFO.

CV  control over both rise and fall times along with adjustable curve and speed range means this a very capable function generator and ‘swiss army knife’ module that can be patched in a variety of ways.

The speed control switch can bring the LFO up into audio rates and there is even a speed expander port, which allows for cusomising the rate of the Low speed mode by adding an extra capacitor. See the user manual for more details

Slew LFO can be used as a portamento, AD envelope, LFO, VCO, Filter, AD Envelope generator and more!

Slew LFO – Build Document | User Manual

All SMD parts come already pre-soldered


  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 20mm (skiff friendly)
  • Power: +12V : 24mA, -12V : 16mA


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