Zlob Modular – VnIcursal VCA Full DIY Kit

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Six Channel VCA

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The Żłob Modular VnIcursal VCA is a 6 channel OTA-based linear VCA in 8HP. All 6 VCAs are routed to a sum output so it can be used as a mixer as well. Each channel can be removed from the sum and used independently by patching a cable into it’s own output. The signal inputs are DC coupled for use with both CV and audio and when CV is inserted into the CV jacks, the pots become attenuators for incoming voltage. The VnIcursal VCA also features PCB offset trimmers for ultra silent operation with zero bleed. This is the latest PCB revision – Rev 5.4

VnIcursal VCA BOM – Bill of Materials


  • Width: 8HP
  • Max Depth: 35mm
  • Panel: Aluminium – Black / White
  • Power Consumption: +55mA, -55mA

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