Hexmix – VCA Full Kit

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Compact six channel VCA

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Recommended for experienced builders.

The Hex mix VCA is a compact six channel VCA, featuring an internal bus connection to interface with the rest of the Befaco Hexa mixing system. The Hex mix can act as six independent VCAs as well as a mixer, with all outputs available on the 6th channel if desired.

Every VCA has it’s own response pot for incoming CV, ranging from full Logarithmic at maximum setup, to full Exponential at minimum setup, with a Linear response when the pot is in centre position. This allows you to use a full range of unique curve responses to accentuate the VCA to your preferred application, whether it’s percussive sounds or panning effects.
Every channel also features a level pot which acts as an attenuator for the signal coming out of each VCA. The CV inputs are normalled to 10 volts, so when there is no CV signal present, the VCA will be fully open and the Level pot will act as a volume control.

Hex Mix VCA Build Document – Assembly Guide


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