CCTV – Coven LFO – Full DIY Kit

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Syncable Quad LFO / Stepped Random / Clock Divider

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The Coven LFO is a 4HP modulation source with variable waveshapes, clock dividing, and a hackable back-end.. Four bipolar CV outputs provide synced channels ranging from ridiculously slow right up into audio rate.

Selectable waveshapes include:

  • Triangle
  • Saw
  • Square
  • Stepped Random Voltages

An FM input (FREQ) allows you to modulate your modulator – you can even self-patch it for more complex waveshapes. The sync input allows Coven LFO to become your go-to clock divider and rhythm section.

The LFO outputs are designed so that the first output (the output closest to the potentiometer knob) is the fastest and each output below is slower based on a division of the first output. Divisions between the channels can be selected from the arhythmic default (3,7,11) to more traditional rhythmic divisions (2,4,8, and 4,8,16). Details on switching modes can be found toward the bottom of the build document here:

Firmware is provided in Arduino format for hackers and tinkerers.

Coven – Build Document | Github


  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 42mm
  • 35 mA @ +12V
  • 10 mA @ -12V
  • Output Voltage: Bipolar -10V to +10V
  • Output Frequency: Max = 100 Hz, Min = 69 minute period
  • Sync Frequency: Max = 1kHz, Min = 71 minute period

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